Adult Workshop FAQs

What if I have no music or violin experience?  The “fundamentals” class is for you, as well as for those with music experience.  I will teach the fundamentals of playing the violin through a series of step-by-step games and simple songs.  When it comes time to learn tunes I will teach the tune by ear and also hand out basic notes.  For those that read music I will include written music.

I already know the fundamentals but want to continue to broaden my skill.  Do you offer intermediate classes?  Yes!  We’ll talk on the phone about your playing experience so I can be sure to include you in a workshop that is right for your level.

What if I already have a violin?  You will fit right in.  You can use your own instrument and receive a discounted tuition price.  Ask Jessica for more information.

What if I need to skip a session?  Hopefully participants will do what they can to be at each session since we have only eight.  However, in the case that you need to miss one, each session will have an audio recording that will be distributed along with handouts so that you can keep up with the workshop.

What do you mean by “end-of-workshop celebration?”  The end-of-workshop celebration will be our last and perhaps most “fun” session where we share what we have learned with each other.  This is also a time when you can invite friends and family to celebrate with you and to listen as we share music in a relaxed and accepting atmosphere.

Is there only one teacher?  Yes.  I, Jessica Landes, will be the teacher that walks with you from start to finish.

What if I want to continue playing the violin after the workshop is over?  You will have the opportunity to either return your violin to Ronald Sachs Violins at our end-of-workshop celebration or to keep renting your violin for a monthly fee.  I hope to see you at the next workshop, holding workshops in the fall and spring if there is demand.

When is the next workshop and how do I register?  To get more information about the next workshop or to register, send an email to and say “I would like to register for the next Adult Violin Workshop!”  Please include your telephone number and Jessica will either email or call you back with further instructions.

How much does it cost? Tuition is $160 and covers a two-month exclusively discounted violin rental, book, group sessions, select audio recordings and handouts, and the “Fourth Friday” end-of-workshop celebration.