Reading List

Here are some titles definitely worth your time.  You can find them at your local library, local bookstore, or online.  For students and parents, I’ll be happy to lend you my copy if I have one.

Books to own:

  • Nurtured by Love (Revised Edition): Translated from the Original Japanese Text, Shinichi Suzuki
  • Helping Parents Practice, Edmund Sprunger
  • Building Violin Skills, Edmund Sprunger

Recommended reading:

  • Teaching from the Balance Point, Ed Kreitman
  • From Suzuki to Mozart: A History of the Repertoire in Suzuki Violin Books 1-10, Hadley Johnson

Related to adulthood or parenting:

  • Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue:  How to Raise Your Kids Free of Gender Stereotypes, Christia Spears Brown
  • The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning on the Tuned-Out Child, Richard Lavoie
  • The Presence Process, Michael Brown
  • Simplicity Parenting, Kim John Payne
  • The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle
  • The Connected Child:  Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family, Karyn Purvis, David Cross, Wendy Sunshine