Music Theory

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Group lessons help build peer relationships while working on music theory, performing in front of others, and performing in an ensemble.

Jessica’s very own large music note flashcards!  Please print and cut along the dotted lines.  These flashcards are designed to represent each note or rest by duration shown in the length of the actual paper.

The following music flashcards to print (small) are free to use for personal or educational use from  Though they are all treble clef oriented, they are not written specifically for the violin.

Basic Note Values, Dotted Note Values, Note Values Cheat Sheet

Basic Rest Values, Dotted Rest Values

Treble Clef Note Names (middle C to high C), Treble Clef Note Names (high D on up), Treble Clef Note Names (ledger lines)

Time Signatures

Key Signatures with Sharps, Key Signatures with Flats, Key Signatures Cheat Sheet

The Circle of Fifths Diagram

Dynamics I, Dynamics II

Italian Tempo Markings I, Italian Tempo Markings II

Major Intervals, Harmonic Minor Intervals, Intervals Cheat Sheet