My first Suzuki orientation and lesson

It’s time to start your very own lessons! Be sure to know exactly where to go, bringing the directions along with you.  Pack along the following supplies and we’re off!

What to bring to practice partner “adult classes”:

    • orientation is for the adult practice partner only
    • Helping Parents Practice by Edmund Sprunger
    • Nurtured by Love, Revised Edition by Shin’ichi Suzuki, translated by Kyoko Selden with Lili Selden
    • Building Violin Skills by Edmund Sprunger
    • LSS Parent Handbook
    • LSS Studio Policy Guide
    • pencil

What to bring to your first Suzuki lesson:

    • three-ring binder big enough to hold loose papers and a spiral lined notebook
    • lined paper for notes, like a 8.5″x11″ spiral lined notebook with holes (so it can go in the binder)
    • Suzuki Violin Book 1 (Revised Edition) with CD
    • I Can Read Music Volume 1 for violin by Joanne Martin
    • pencil
    • manila file folder or paper grocery bag at least 13″x17″ to make foot chart
    • payment
    • music bag
    • instrument*

Are you ready for your first assignment?  If so, check out “Where is the bow,” the very first song we learn together.  Listen and sing along with the response (“here is the…”), pointing at the part of the bow you are singing about!  We’ll go over this in your first lesson.

*If you do not yet have an instrument or have been told you will start on a box violin, please bring:

  • small box approx. 8″x6″x2″ (like that of Grape Nuts cereal)
  • 12″ ruler
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